What is the purpose and objectives of Grievance Redressal platform portal?

Purpose: The portal has been created to provide convenience to citizens of the state by allowing them to lodge a grievance through their mobile phones or computers. This removes the need for them to appear at any location and file a physical grievance. In addition, it provides them the facility of tracking the live status of their complaint, and providing feedback based on their satisfaction with the resolution. The system also allows the Department's Office to closely track all lodged grievances, and ensure that corrective action is taken in each case.

Objective: The objective of the portal is to ensure speedy, convenient and effective redressal of citizen issues by the administration.

What kind of grievances can I post ?
Any grievances relating to the functioning of the Offices can be filed.
What are the types of grievances that are not taken up for redressal by the portal?

(a) Sub-judice cases or any matter awaiting judgment from any court,

(b) Personal and family disputes that were not raised with the proper authority at block, district or sub-divisional level, and

(c) RTI related matters.

Can I post a grievance against entities which are outside the purview of Department ?
No, grievances pertaining to institutions outside the purview of the Department should not be filed on this portal.
In which languages can I submit a grievance ?
You can submit a grievance in English language.
What details do I need to login into the system?
You are required to provide your valid email id . (This procedure is followed to ensure that the grievance is being filed by a citizen with valid identity.)
Is Email id, mandatory to login into the system?
Yes, for verification purposes it is required.
What if I do not receive OTP on my email id ?
If an OTP is not received within 120 seconds of filing the request, a button "Resend OTP" will be enabled on the screen. A fresh OTP can then be requested by clicking on this button.
While posting a grievance, where can I write my name ?
After logging into the system, the user name is pre-populated based on the email id that has been entered at the time of generation of OTP (e.g. if email entered is ABC@xyz.com, the name that is pre-populated will be "ABC"). This name can be modified at the time of filing the grievance, if required.
What is the meaning of 'Nature of Grievance'?
This is the subject/area that your grievance relates to.
Can I attach a supporting document along with the grievance ?
Yes. While submission of grievance, supporting documents (image/pdf) may be uploaded along with your grievance. You need to click on the 'Choose File' button to upload the same.
Why do I need to enter Captcha ?
Captcha is a security tool that is used to ensure that the grievance is being filed by a legitimate citizen and not a spammer or machine.
What if Captcha has been wrongly entered?
You will be presented with a new image code which you need to enter correctly to proceed further.
What should I do if the Captcha image is not clear ?
In such a case, press refresh button next to the captcha and you will be presented with a new image.
What if I have forgotten to upload my supporting documents ?
A fresh grievance has to be filed where the supporting documents can be attached. Kindly mention the token number of the previous grievance in the fresh grievance.
What is the procedure followed by the Grievance Redressal portal to keep the aggrieved citizen updated on his grievance?

(a) On successful lodging of a grievance, an e-acknowledgment is auto-generated by the system

(b) The citizen receives an update in the portal stating that his grievance is “In Progress” once it has been received by the department, and

(c) Once the grievance has been resolved, the citizen receives a message informing him/her about the same and asking for feedback.

Within how many days will my grievance be resolved ?
Grievances are expected to be resolved within 21 days.
How will I get to know that my grievance has been resolved ?
You will receive an automated message on your registered email id. You can login to the portal and see the detailed response under section "Track Grievance Status".
Where can I track the grievances already submitted by me ?
You can log into your profile (with the same email id and mobile number used to file the grievance) and see all the grievances submitted by you under the "Track Grievance Status" tab.
Is there any mechanism to provide feedback about the quality of resolution provided for my grievance?
Yes. You have the option to rate each grievance as either 'Satisfied' or 'Dissatisfied'. You can also provide comments to justify your rating.
What should I do if the portal stops responding or displays an error ?
Refresh the browser. If you still face an issue, log out and login again.
Can I edit/modify my grievance after it has been submitted ?
Once submitted, no modifications/change can be made to the grievance. However, a fresh grievance can be submitted mentioning the previous token number.
Can grievances be submitted via post?
Grievance Redressal is an end-to-end online system and grievances by post will not be accepted.